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, be careful over there. we'll stay in close touch. thank you. >>> u.s. officials say the defection shun of libya's foreign minister shows pressure is having an effect. moussa koussa led to london yesterday. hes the highest ranks official to break with the regime. he once serve as the intelligence chief, and has secrets to tell. the british prime minister says there's no deal of any kind to give moussa koussa immunity. joining us from tripoli, nic robertson. nic, you're getting some reaction from the libyan government on the defection shun of the foreign minister moussa koussa. >> reporter: we haven't had a reaction from the top, gu the government is saying they allowed him to deeffect, because of health reasons. they said he had a heart condition, but it's very clear from the fact that it took them limb 24 hours to respond to the defection that they didn't know it was coming. the government's trying to put the best face on it that they can, but it rings hollow. moussa koussa tricked this government, tricked the leadership and has left the country and left them hanging, wolf. >> how sign
>>> on the broadcast tonight, sending weapons. tonight the prospect of u.s. weapons in the hands of libya's rebel forces. the president says he won't rule it out, so our own richard engel goes inside those rebel forces for a closer look. >>> radiation fears. the nuclear crisis in japan has a lot of people asking could it happen here, and would warning systems work if it did? >>> price check. a new drug to help prevent premature babies, but at what cost for those who need it? >>> and the close call for an american president 30 years ago tonight. what we didn't know until now. >>> also here tonight, the first-ever view of a neighbor of ours. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. right about now during these past few days across our country, people are watching this unfolding situation in libya. the rebels versus gadhafi. americans have heard president obama defending the u.s. air campaign he ordered, sending our service members to fight a third concurrent conflict far from home. in our conversation with the president yesterday, h
of the stricken reactor is at the fukushima plant. radiation continues to spread from the site. u.s. engineers and others are explaining their options of containing the leak. >> in the small village 40 kilometers northeast of fukushima, while outside detroit exclusion zone, the people living here thought they were safe -- northeast of fukushima, well east -- outside of the exclusion zone. >> this has exceeded the data. >> the latest news from fukushima also offers no grounds for optimism. yvette tb's do not know when or even if they will be able to return home -- in evacuees -- the evacuees do not know. >> we do not know when the situation will normalize, and we do not think there will be a future for us in the city. >> operator tepco has decided to decommission four of the reactors. filling them up may be necessary. >> government and experts are considering but these four buildings at the fukushima-dai- ichi plant to stop the spread of the substances. >> a they will spray it with a synthetic resin to try to prevent radioactive dust from being blown away or being watched to see. in a refugee c
residents are dealing with a damaged left behind. >>> the u.s. formally handed over command of military operations in libya but today there are reports that cia operatives are on the ground there. pamela brown is following this for us and is alive in our satellite center. >> defense secretary robert gates said today that american involvement is winding down now that nato has taken over, but questions about the future of the country remain. rebels launched a series of rocket attacks on the frontlines between two key cities. they were beaten back by gaddafi forces. >> he has command and control communications, a lot of which the opposition does not have. >> abc sources said on wednesday president obama signed a secret presidential finding allowing cia operatives to provide support to the rebels in eastern libya. lawmakers in washington remain divided over america's engagement in libya. >> this is the most model definition of an operation probably in u.s. history. >> i think the president has been quite clear in terms of what the military mission is. and that's one of the reasons why we ca
to the west. >>> training accident. a jet engine explodes and catches fire aboard a u.s. aircraft carrier. >>> and cold case. the fbi can't crack this code. >>> and cold case. the fbi can't crack this code. can you? captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today, i'm betty nguyen. we begin in libya, where cia operatives have been on the ground gathering intelligence, and making contact with rebel forces. the rebel troops are being pushed back by libyan forces, losing about 100 miles in two days. meanwhile, a key adviser to moammar gadhafi has resigned amid some international intrigue. joel brown is in washington. good morning, joel. bring us up to speed. >> a lot going on, betty. good morning to you. we're learning now the cia's been on the ground in libya for weeks now, in some cases working hand in hand with the rebels. but whether or not to supply weapons to the opposition is a whole other matter that sparks fierce debate here in washington. cia operatives are reportedly on the ground in libya. the intelligence agency sent in small teams earlier this
but not u.s. a top qaddafi insider who defected and his connection to pan am flight 103. i'm erica hill. also tonight, milk in the u.s. now showing traces of radiation from japan. what authorities are doing to keep you safe. why did plants that bury nuclear waste inside nevada's yucca mountain get killed? was it safety fears or politics? and the sweet taste of success. they owe their lottery jackpot to a candy bar. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> hill: good evening. katie is off tonight. muammar qaddafi's inner circle continues to shrink. first, his foreign minister defected last night. and then today, his u.n. ambassador quit while in egypt. just the same, qaddafi's military, though decimated by allied air strikes, is still pounding rebel forces. driving them further east away from key oil towns. one rebel leader compared qaddafi to a wounded animal, one that's more dangerous than a healthy one, which once again raises the question-- just what should the u.s. do moving forward? david martin b
new york, good night, america. >> chris: two major defections from the libyan regime as the u.s. begins covert operations on the ground. day closer to a government shutdown. there are still big roadblocks to a deal. the interstate fight over the 2012 presidential primaries. live from the studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. another high-ranking libyan official has defected from muammar gaddafi's regime, making two in as many days. a european diplomat describes it as rats fleeing from a sinking ship. defense secretary gates says there won't be american boots on the ground, despite president obama's authorization of covert cia operations. the allied coalition is wiped out estimateed 25% of gaddafi's forces. rebels are still losing ground. forcing lawmakers on capitol hill to ask what is next? white house correspondent mike emanuel is tracking the story. mike? >> reporter: good evening. senior white house officials are pleased, control of the air operation over libya was transferred today from the u.s. to nato. now there
have traces of fukushima radiation shown up in milk in two u.s. states? >>> and take that! the young girl who got back at her bullies by shaming them for all the world to see. >>> we begin with a series of new developments of libya. as of today the u.s. has officially handed off control of the mission to nato. the cia is on the ground and has been for several weeks. the debate rages on over whether or not the u.s. should arm the rebels. listen to what robert gates told a congressional hearing about this this morning. >> in terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly, there are many countries that can do that, that's not a unique capability for the united states and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> rebel forces fighting concern have been forced to retreat over 100 miles and lost control of critical areas. the libyan foreign minister, the most powerful man outside the gadhafi family, who is now in the uk. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel live in benghazi. it's been a busy 24 hours, richard. >> reporter:
of libya's leader. he also interned at several u.s. companies. find out what he got out of that placement and what the companies he worked with had hoped to get out of him. >>> let's get straight over to the stock market here in europe. 62 minutes into the trading day. and very much a mixed picture. i think after what has been a week of some recovery on stock markets and we've seen some gain, really, they're marking time. zurich is off by about a third of a percent. the dax and ftse up a small amount. and the company that makes nuclear reactors for power plants, that is actually suspended at the moment pending an announcement. we'll bring that to you as soon as we know what that is about. on the currency markets we are seeing u.s. dollar weakness with gains for the euro, the pound and the yen. how is the session looking in asia, pauline? >> for the most part, pretty good. asia pacific markets closed higher on thursday except for the nasdaq composite. nikkei made gains but lost some ground when manufacturing data was released. we'll have more on that data a little later in the show. theny
's more dangerous than a healthy one, which once again raises the question-- just what should the u.s. do moving forward? david martin begins our coverage. >> reporter: there may be no american troops on the ground, but c.i.a. officers are operating inside libya. among other things, they picked up a member of the air crew of that american jet which crashed last week. their primary goal is to find out who the rebels are and what they need, but defense secretary gates today threw cold water on the idea that the u.s. is about to start arming or training the rebels. >> there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states, and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> reporter: but gates clearly thinks somebody, perhaps an arab country, should. >> the opposition needs as much as anything right now is some training, some command and control, and some organization. it's a pretty-- it's pretty much a pickup ballgame at this point. >> reporter: testifying on the day nato took command of the operation, gates said the u.s. would start pullin
a crew member of the u.s. fighter that crashed in libya. defense secretary gates testified at a congressional hearing. gates said he does not think the u.s. should arm those rebels. >> in terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states. and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> libya's foreign minister has defected to britain. musa kusa one of gadhafi's closest aides. he is suspects of masterminding the bombing of pan am flight 103 that killed 270 people. nbc news pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me now. nato officially took control of the entire military mission in libya but the headline is about the cia operatives on the ground and what they are doing there. what can you tell juice u.s. military and intelligence officials say if they didn't, if the obama administration did not have cia operatives on the ground, this operation was not well thought out and would be in trouble. this is pretty much preforma in thi
sunday night in seat pleasant. >>> president obama is laying out his energy plan t includes reducing u.s. alliance on foreign oils and boosting energy production domestically. jennifer davis has the details. >> we cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down. >> reporter: the president says nuclear power needs to be part of the solution. he has ordered a safety review of all u.s. facilities. he lashed out at critics blaming his administration for price tags at the pump. >> any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we, quote, unquote shut down oil production is simply untrue. >> reporter: but republicans counter his administering has opportunity that and much more. >> it has increased permit fees t has prolonged public comment periods. it has done just about anything it can to keep our energy inspector for growing. >> the president encouraged brazil to drill more and sell it to us. >> reporter: nancy policy says the president has support from congressional democrats but green peace is not on board. they issued a statement
in libya. rebels flee as qaddafi's military advances and now a fierce debate-- should the u.s. arm the opposition? i'm erica hill. also tonight, kicking the habit: the president wants to cut oil imports by a third, and some drivers have already gotten the message. hyperactive kids-- why some experts believe artificial food coloring could make the behavior worse. >> mr. president! >> and a bullet meant for president reagan nearly took this man's life. 30 years later james brady is still fighting for gun control. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> hill: good evening, katie is off tonight. just two days ago, libyan rebels seemed ready to move on moammar qaddafi's home town and possibly on tripoli, but tonight, they are on the move in the other direction. their weapons, machine guns for the most part are, no match for qaddafi's heavier weaponry. secretary of state hillary clinton said today no decision has been made about whether to arm the rebels, but there are also reports that president obama
fighters are being easily out maneuvered. >> it is being reported in the u.s. that president obama signed a secret presidential order in the past three weeks authorizing covert support for opposition forces who have been trying to topple colnel gadhafi. news coming amid a debate of arming the forces opposed to colnel gadhafi. >> the details are fairly sketchy to be honest. we have had confirmation tonight that over the past two or three weeks president obama signed what is called a presidential finding, essentially a directive that paves the way for covert military operations to take place in libya by american forces aiding the rebel forces. there are reports in the "new york times" saying c.i.a. is already in libya, which i don't think some will find too surprising. but so far the white house and c.i.a., as you would expect, refused to comment. >> interesting to point out that we are being told that government sources confirming that barack obama signed this operation some two or three weeks ago, which is interesting because we heard from him last night talking about arming rebels in the
on intelligence operations and had been careful to what president obama had said publicly that no u.s. ground troops will be sent into libya. but, u.s. officials say there are small cia teams on the ground in eastern libya trying to fair ret out who are the leaders of the opposition? what are their motivations? what do they want for libya. said to be a special. there have been cia operatives in benghazi. when that f-15 jet went down last week and the two pilots ejected. we know one of them ended up in benghazi and some u.s. undercover agents were able to get him out of the country. shep? >> shepard: without some sort of help, it's widely believed or further help i should say it's widely belief these rebels trying to overthrow the government can't win. new debate in washington whether to give those rebels weapons. how is that going? >> that's a tough question, because some military leaders have said they have seen, quote, flickers of al qaeda involvement with the rebels and clearly nobody at the white house or no lawmaker on capitol hill wants to arm a terrorist. the white house said today tha
at a major u.s. airport, the very same one where an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. the close call this time around. >> and she said mexican pirates killed her husband while they were jet skiing on a border lake between texas and mexico. now six months later his body hasn't been found, no one has been arrested. the latest on the investigation, plus what she is vowing to do. it's all new, it's all live, it's "happening now". >>> hi everybody. we have a whole lot of ground to cough today. we're so glad you're with us. i'm jenna lee. jon: we do indeed. i'm jon scott. "happening now", nato takes charge of air operations in libya as the fighting intensifies in one strategic oil town. those are antiqaddafi rebels, giving it all they've got, trying to retake control of brega as they come under rocket fire from pro qaddafi forces, the opposition getting hit hard in other parts of the cup as well. jenna: the u.s. considering a plan to arm the rebels, even though nato's chief is opposed to the idea. right now the cia has operatives on the ground in libya. jon: meantime a sign that qadda
up to speed on march 31st. >>> u.s. intelligence source says cia operatives are on the ground in libya today to size up rebel fighters. the source says they are not there for battlefield direction. congress asked defense secretary robert gates about the cia story a short time ago. >> do you see the use of cia and u.s. special forces in libya as following the blueprint we used in afghanistan? >> first of all, i can't speak to any cia activities, but i will tell you that the president has been quite clear that in terms of the united states' military there will be no boots on the ground. >> britain says it has not promised immunity to libya's top diplomat. foreign minister moussa koussa defected wednesday. they say this man moi be a treasure trove of information. >> reporter: it's significant for many reasons, not the least of which he was former head of intelligence. not least of which is because he was at one time a wanted figure by european security services. this is a man whose disappearance here wasn't even known by the deputy foreign minister. >> libyan rebels remain in ful
up in the u.s. milk supply. exactly how much? is it completely safe? we take you inside the laboratory to see for yourself. >>> tornado fury. violent twisters tossing everything in their path, even striking the space center in florida. >>> mega-wow. seven overjoyed coworkers claim that $319 million prize. and we find one of the colleagues who opted out of the ticket that day. what did he say to us? >>> and, coming home. the marine who watched the birth of his first child from the battlefield with us finally gets to hold her tiny hand, right here, tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with america's milk, and that radiation from japan. all day, we have heard the reassurances that the radiation now being found in some of the u.s. milk supply is minimal and poses no risk. so, we spent this day answering some serious questions. since the radiation in some form has been found in 20 states, exactly how much has been linked to the milk and how the are experts sure that it is safe? abc's abbie boudreau is at a lab in california tonight. abbie? >> reporter: diane, with radiation st
. privately, a senior u.s. official told fox news is administration is not yet convinced arming rebels will bring about the desired outcome. publicly, they said only that high-level washington is still getting to know the rag-tag rebel army. >> we are continuing to discuss and have the conversation with the opposition, to assess what the makeup of it is. >> we have been clear we reached out to the opposition, working with them and assist them in the effort to bring about transition to democratic process. >> you do want hem to win? >> i don't now to be more clear to say what we want to emerge is gaddafi step down and see a peaceful transition to a democratic process. >> tuesday, the nato supreme commander testified to the senate u.s. intelligence detected flickers of evidence that the rebel ranks included members of al-qaeda. so they're unsure whether the rebels are the kind of entity we'd provide weapons to. at the highest level they warned that president obama has a week, but not a month, to make up his mind. >> there is a lot of the stake here. you have the arab league, the security
in libya. reports say there is now a secret order for u.s. involvement inside the war-torn nation. although president obama has promised no ground troops will see action in libya, apparently there are americans working for the u.s. government there. for more, we go to nbc's tracie potts. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. these first reports came from the associated press. reporting that the cia is on the ground in libya. that president obama has signed an order authorizing small groups of covert operatives on the ground there. the cia, as you might expect, has not confirmed it. this is not unusual. we saw the same thing in afghanistan, in iraq. they armed the rebels there, unclear whether or not the u.s. will do that here. experts say they may be gathering intelligence about the opposition forces which seem to be fragmented or about moammar gadhafi's military to help the air assault effort there. now, also, we know this morning that libya's foreign minister has defected. he arrived in london yesterday, officials say, protesting the attacks on civilians. the u.s. is hoping this means that
, apparently there are americans working for the u.s. government there. for more we go to tracie potts. good morning to you. >> reporter: veronica, good morning. good morning, everyone. these first reports came from "the new york times," the associated press also now reporting that it appears the cia is on the ground in libya. that president obama has signed an order authorizing small groups of covert operatives on the ground there. the cia, as you might expect, has not confirmed this. this is not unusual. we saw the same thing in afghanistan, in iraq. they armed the rebels there. unclear whether or not the u.s. will do that here. experts say they may be gathering intelligence about the opposition forces which seem to be fragmented or about muammar gadhafi's military to help the air assault effort there. now also we know this morning that libya's foreign minister has defected. he arrived in london yesterday, officials say, protesting the attacks on civilians. the u.s. is hoping this means that gadhafi's government may be imploding from the inside. and speaking of those rebels, they are backi
and afghanistan back in 2001? "t tesgo o oitwa i rorngonhto y no. first in afghanistan, the cia worked with u.s. military forces on the ground in afghanistan. in libya, the u.s. is still ruling out ground troops. so far in libya, the u.s. is not saying we are doing that. the u.s. is not saying we are arming the rebels, but as i understand it, this presidential finding if it has happened would be the kind of instrument that president obama would use to authorize something like arming the rebels. again, i am not totally clear on what the presidential finding would mean if there is one, and since we don't know for a fact there definitely was one, it is hard to say exactly what its terms are. that's one of the things we are going to try to figure out with michael isikoff from nbc in a moment. what we know about the legality of this, presidential findings have been around for decades, presidents using them for covert operations have to notify the top democrat and republican in the house and senate, as well as top democrat and republican on the intelligence committees in both the house and the senate
jansing and we are following fast-moving developments in yab today with major implications for u.s. involvement there. confirmation now that the cia is on the ground, conducting a not so secret mission. and as of today, the u.s. has officially handed over control of that mission to nato. on capitol hill, a heated and escalating debate over whether to arm the rebels. here's what secretary of defense robert gates told a congressional hearing just moments ago. >> terms of providing that training, in terms of providing assistance to them, frankly, there are many countries that can do that. that's not a unique capability for the united states, and as far as i'm concerned, somebody else should do that. >> this morning, the rebels continue to lose ground. they've had to retreat more than 100 miles, and gadhafi's troops have taken back important oil regions. it's leaving the rebels dejected, although they are vowing to keep up the fight. >> i'm okay. i don't care about it. i don't care. i want to die, actually, if i can. >> why? >> it's honor to us. it's freedom. we want freedom. >> and in
the transition from u.s. command has been seemless, but there are still serious questions about the u.s. involvement moving forward, what to do about the rebels, of course, reports of the cia, on the ground. this as lawmakers remain divided over our role there. >> they are clearly in violation of the act that sets three and only three conditions under which the president can commit armed forces. one them is declaration war, authorization of congress, there's been none and three is a national emergency caused by an attack on united states territories, possessions or armed forces. there has been none. so this is clearly illegal. martha: there has been so much discussion over getting approval from congress for what is going on on the ground in libya, and right now we are watching some unfolding testimony in front of the house armed services committee, secretary of defense robert gates, and also we want to play for you a comment moments ago from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen. let's listen to what he had to say: >> we have continued to strike at qaddafi's mil
in libya. but secretary gates and joint chief chairman, admiral mike mullen, assured congress that the u.s. is now playing a supporting role in libya and won't take the lead in arming and training the rebel. >> if there is going to be that kind of assistance to the opposition, there are plenty of sources for it other than the united states. >> reporter: the pentagon's top officials stood by president obama's pledge not to send u.s. ground troops into libya. and they insist that in the end, the people of libya will be the ones who bring down gadhafi. on capitol hill, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the two pentagon officials were also unable to answer questions from some lawmakers who wanted to know how the u.s. would get out of the conflict if gadhafi [ inaudible ] >>> growing concerns from radiation from that damaged power plant in japan, reaching the united states. radiation, far below levels that pose a risk to humans was found in milk from california and washington. the first signs japan's nuclear accident is affecting foods. the u.s. is stepping up monitoring of milk, rai
in the correct drives -- griefs. tonight, one u.s -- graves. tonight, the situation might be worse than originally thought and tom fitzgerald joins us now and this is going to the issue of mismarked graves? >> reporter: that is what it's about. the new information stems from previously secret testimony from the workers at the ceremony. the testimony that indicates the number of mismarked graves at arlington national cemetary and maybe larger than previously thought. arlington national cemetary is america's hallowed ground. but arlington's image has been under siege since the army revealed decades of mislabeled graves missing remains and headstones being used to line waterways. the scope of the mismanagement and bad record keeping here at arlington national cemetery came to light in 2010, but as a new administrator gets to work at sorting out the mess, it turns out the problem might be much worse than previously thought. a new article in "time" magazine suggests the mix-up is so bad, that it might be impossible to sort out. time-obtained transcripts, t
of the joint chiefs of staff appeared before congress to discuss the u.s. involvement in libya. one new development: reports quoting u.s. officials that cia teams are now operating in rebel-hel today, gates declined to comment on any c.i.a. activity, but did respond to questions about the president's promise of no american military forces, so- called "boots on the ground." >> are there any boots on the ground? >> not that i'm aware of? >> so we're saying we're not going to put any boots on the ground but neither have our allies? >> that's my understanding and the opposition has said they don't want any. >> so is there any time on the future that there might be allies boots on ground in libya? >> not as long as i'm in this job. >> brown: questions about the strength libyan rebel forces came up as well and secretary gates acknowledged that the opposition appeared to have no coherent leadership. he was asked whether terrorist groups were likely to use that situation to their advantage. >> if we're not dealing with cohesive group, are you concerned al queda will take advantage of leadership
of radiation are turning up here in the u.s. >> reporter: the united nations wants japan to expand the evacuation zone around the damaged fukushima power plant. there's now a 12-mile mandatory zone. high radiation levels have been discovered in a sprig 25 miles away. inside the zone police inside protective suits are looking for bodies killed in the earthquake and tsunami. they recovered 19 on wednesday but many more are smissments officials say concerns about radiation are slowing the work. the latest tests of sea water show radiation levels are still rising, now more than 4300 times the legal limit. the crisis is turning fukushima into a ghost town. the city is outside the evacuation zone, but residents enmass rush home from work to minimize radiation expose smumplet trains are not running and shops are closing at 5 p.m. this merchant said it's lonely at night. no one is outside. more traces of radiation are showing up in the u.s. milk in washington state and california are testing positive. >> radiation can be a scary word. it's important to remember we're surrounded by radiatio
gaddafi's inner circle has arrived in the u.k. and is resigning from his post. in the u.s., congressional leaders pushed the obama administration for how long u.s. plans to stay in libya as we learn a key libyan diplomat lived in fairfax county for years. jay korff has that story. >> the man who has lived in fairfax county 20 years reported to abc's news -- reported to abc news was part of coordinating the anti-government arise in libya. he has helped them win their freedom from libyan leader muammar gaddafi. this was recently the scene and libya, throngs of supporters shouting his name. according to a number of published reports he recently traveled to libya from his home in fairfax county to command the rebel army that is trying to topple gaddafi. residents we spoke with were surprised that this high profile rebel leader was once their neighbor. >> it is shocking. when you told me that, a rebel force from libya living in our area, it is scary. >> one person suggested our country should consider working closely with him. >> we should consult him and find out what he knows. it is in our b
are on the ground in libya trying to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping over there. alison? >> reporter: dave, let's get back to a live look at that house armed services committee hearing going -- committee going on right now. they are testifying about the u.s.-led operation in lib ba. in the last hour, the secretary gates acknowledged the u.s. knows very little about the rebels taking on the libya regime. >> there are multiple, multiple agendas, at this point we don't have a lot of visibility in those. >> reporter: cia operatives, now on the ground in libya, they've been reportedly working in labia for weeks trying to gain the strength of gadhafi 'forces -- gadhafi's forces and they are trying to find out if cade is there -- if al qaeda is there. back to you. >> okay. alison. thank you. >>> a really wild scene in syria. look at this. a speech by president of syria yesterday aingeed, rather than appeased those who -- angered rather than appeased those who wanted it. in his speech, the president blamed the anti-government protests on a foreign conspiracy. >>> ten u.s. sailors are recover
robert gates and joint's chairman assured congress that the u.s. is now playing a supporting role in the mission. >> if there is going to be that kind of assistance to the opposition there are plenty of resources rather than the united states. >> right now they are fighting over a key port city that plays a big role in libyan oil industry. >>> the united nation's nuclear watch dog is urging japan to evacuate more people. once again around the crippled fukushima power plant. radiation from japan's nuclear plant has been detected in milk as far away as our west coast. >> reporter: the baby was born neared the fukushima nuclear plant. she is being checked with for radiation contamination. as the situation gets worse her mother says i get more scared. in japan concern is rising as higher levels of radiation are detected. seawater around the plant now has more than 4300 times the legal limit. water pooling underneath the plant has $10,000 times too much radiation. it has even made its way into soil 25 miles away. and beef 40 miles away from the crippled nuclear reactor complex. that's
but they may have gained secret help from the u.s. libyan rebels are outnumbered and outzbgunned by moammar gadhafi's force. and now more rebel forces may come from outside. >> broader question of assistance to the opposition is one that we're looking at very closely. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, president obama has signed a secret presidential finding authorizing covert operations to stop rebels. the president could make a decision to do so in the future. that would put more focus on those fighting gadhafi. >> you can who are those guys, you're going to think about whether or not you really want to arm them. because our history of arming groups we don't know hasn't been a terribly good one. >> we don't know as much as we would like to know and as much as we expect we will know. >> reporter: there are reports the cia already sent in small groups of operatives to libya and international envoys are beginning to meet with rebels. >> we know that an envoy from the united states is coming but i cannot confirm or deny. >> reporter: even with diplomatic back up, rebels are losing ground. th
it the u.s. >>> president obama will be returning to the bay area next month. this will be his third visit here since october. the president will visit san francisco on april 20th for a fund-raiser. mr. obama's trip will follow his re-election kickoff. there are reports the president will also make a stop along the peninsula in attempts to raise more cash. obama's most recent visit happened last month when he dined with hi-tech executives including apple's steve jobs and facebook's mark zuckerberg. >>> turning now to japan and beyond. low levels of radiation from japan's nuclear crisis are showing up in milk samples in washington state. the epa and food and drug administration say consumers should not worry but add they should expect more of this news in the coming days. the measurements were taken on milk samples in spokane last friday and show radioactive levels 5,000 times below the fda's recommended levels for infants. >> topping our health watch, premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the united states. not only is it devastating for parents who are lose a child but
has been given for secret operations on the ground. >> it appears at least publicly that the u.s. is stepping back a bit in its role regarding libya because nato forces officially took over today. but behind the scenes, the u.s. may be digging in even deeper. another day of difficult battles in libya meant challenging ones here in washington as well. top military officials were grilled by lawmakers, mad they were not asked to sign off on a libyan plan and worried about an escalation. >> there will be no good some ground. >> but they would not deny reports the cia has people there now and could not say if the u.s. plans to provide the rebels with weapons and training. >> discuss our plans if any regarding harming the rebels. they seem to be getting their butts whipped. >> we are looking at options from not doing it to doing it. >> the white house was also vague on the mission that has cost u.s. taxpayers more than half a billion dollars. >> we do not have a crystal balls and cannot predict when it will end. >> as for the prospects of ousting muammar gaddafi there are si
contractor.alan gross... a contractor for the u-s government... has been jailed in cuba for the past 16 months. cuban officials accuse him of espionage.president carter spent hours talking to raul and fidel castro... about improving ties between the two nations... and the importance of releasing gross. 3 first on fox...state school superintendent nancy grasmick is stepping down... after two decades on the job. 72 years old... her decisson still comes as a surprise to her staff and to the state board.some wondered if the sudden departure was politically motivated... since grasmick and governor omalley butted heads as he began his first term in 2007.that's when he and house speaker mike miller urged her to step down. p (34:23)this was my decision and the timing was my decision thaa may not have been true had it been four years ago but there a lot of water over the dam in terms of those four and a half years.... years.... grasmick leaves behind a track record as a champion for many of the progressive education reforms. surprise... the process of finding a new state superintendant i
as unconstitutional. the battle over the law is expected to reach the u.s. supreme court. >>> today u.s. and british officials are applauding a high-level defection from moammar gadhafi's regime. they say it's a sign the regime is crumbling from within, but the news comes on another day of setbacks for the opposition. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: again today, libyan rebels were in retreat. firing on government forces with what little they've got. but taking fire and taking flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. moammar gadhafi's regaining ground, but he's lost something that might matter more. libyan foreign minister, mus musa kusa defected to britain, his right-hand man, some say orchestrated the lockerbie bombing. >> the point is, the pressure on gadhafi is intense, the people around him are realizing that their days -- the days of this regime are numbered. >> reporter: it's a validation of the obama coalition plan to destroy gadhafi's deadliest weapons. this was a belgian f-16 attack yesterday. and tip the balance to the rebels, without sending in u.s. ground forces. >> the r
the no-fly zone to nato but there are could be. u.s. covert action could be heading libya's way. john bolton is here to tell you about a secret document the president has signed. things are growing more unstake. libyan's foreign minister flees for england. why is the foreign minister running for cover in england? he says he quit, but he's not going quietly. >> to the bizarre, gadhafi has hired a former nicaragua want foreign minister -- to represent him at the united nations. strange? in the midst of this chaos and uncertainy the cost of war in libya is sigh rocketing. the pentagon saying -- is skyrocketing. the pentagon saying it has already cost american taxpayers 550 million dollars. that number is growing. and growing. and growing. former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> greta: tell me about this document that the president has signed? there's been much discussion it is a secret document what is the significance? >> it is always good to know when the president signs a finding for a covert operation we learn about it quickly the ra
commission if any u.s. plants are as of the same design as the crippled plants this japan. >> all the reactors we have of a similar type have undergone modifications and improvements to deal with the kinds of situations we're seeing in japan. >> because of the disaster in japan, the owners of the nuclear power plant outside of san diego are proposing a new earthquake safety study of that plant. the review had actually been in the works months before the disaster in japan. the public ewe tills commission must first approve the proposal since it would be funded through the rates customers paid. it's expected to cost an estimated $21 million. >>> we have developing news. a judge dismissed a drug sales case after watching a surveillance video. the officers entered without a warrant and asked the defendant a medical marijuana patient where his money was. this is the latest case in a scandal involving videos showing what defense attorneys say is illegal searches and arrest by san francisco officers. >>> don't let today's warm weather fool you. after all the wet weather, bigger landslide
it's been detected in 15 states across the u.s., all the way from the west coast to the east, and all the while we've been told these are minute, trace amounts that pose no harm to any of us. but now the epa says traces of radiation have been found in milk. again, they say, far below levels of public health concern, but that won't stop some public concern. it's where we begin tonight with nbc's tom costello in washington. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. the u.s. has already halted imports of dairy products and produce from japan, but radiation travels in the air, it falls on pastures and meadows and it appears to have been consumed already by american cows. 4700 miles from the nuclear disaster in japan, the faintest hints of radiation have now turned up in america's milk supply. trace amounts of radioactive iodine 131 found in samples taken from california on march 28th and washington state on march 25th. but levels so low the epa says a sample taken from spokane would have to be 5,000 times higher to reach levels at which the fda would intervene. >> for parents out there,
. today, scientists in the u.s. say we're unprepared. >> a number of cities are at risk on the eastern seaboard for major earthquakes. boston, new york city, charleston. >> reporter: it's not just california. the most dangerous zone is in the middle of the country. in the lower midwest. the last big one here was in 1895. and when, not if, when it happens again, millions would be left homeless and billions in damages. >> in the center of the united states, it's like a hard, cold slab that allows the energy to travel. in california, energy dissipates quicker. >> reporter: jerry is a geologist in memphis. he shows us old buildings that would never make it. they were built long before the strict codes. >> in areas that may receive the most damage, you would expect that those fire department buildings may not be operational. >> reporter: the scientists suggest we test early warning systems. which were working in japan and may have made a difference. they are pushing for more aggressive building codes. and new rules to reinforce our oldest buildings. >> if you look at haiti, chile, christchu
a word, corn. the u.s. ag department reported lower corn supplies. that helped corn prices jump more than 4%, and higher corn prices helped the farm stocks. speaking of hot commodities, oil is back at two and a half year highs. light sweet crude closing over $106 a barrel. brent sea crude oil ending its session at over $117 a barrel, the highest prices since the fall of 2008. now, from oil to cars: used auto seller carmax earnings came in as expected, but used car sales were light. and even though same-store sales say a double-digit pop, it was not as much as analysts had forecast. that sent shares down, falling more than 7%. volume was four times normal. this is the past 180 sessions, and the stock is back to where it began in the year. electric car maker tesla really saw a spark today, jumping almost 17% on very heavy volume. tesla went public in june, trading in the low 20s. morgan stanley called it america's fourth auto maker, upgrading shares to overweight. its price target-- $70 per share, two and a half times over tonight's closing price. auto parts maker meritor shed more than 15%
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